Monday, 18 February 2013

Simple Spiders Web Game

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simple spiders web game

We really enjoyed our cotton ball throw painting, so much so that I thought we'd try another cotton ball activity, but this time a little less messy.

As I over bought cotton balls the other day I created a cotton ball activities Pinterest board and discovered a spiders web game from Almost Unschoolers and I also remembered a similar spiders web activity from Hands On As We Grow.

Spider webs game

I taped some sellotape to the patio door so that the sticky side was facing out, this was to be the web.  I also added a paper spider just for fun.

Spider web game

Then I gave the boys some cotton balls each and they had a great time throwing them on to the sticky spiders web.

spider on web game

To make it a bit more interesting we also started to stand a bit further back from the spiders web and improve our throwing skills.

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  1. This is lovely Hannah, my youngest loves sticky tape games too! His favourite things to do with it at the moment are to make booby traps across doorways and obstacle courses between furntiture. His very latest has been scientific experimenting with pencils and toy cars to see how many he can hang off the tape, when strung up in a door way, before it collapses. I'll have to take some pictures and blog it.
    I'll share this idea with him tomorrow, I'm sure he'll love it.

  2. What a fantastic activity for young children. Stick tape is excellent for catching the cotton wool.

  3. That looks like fun. Throwing cotton balls can be hard work. They never go where you predict.

  4. This is too much fun. Can't wait to try it with my little guy!

  5. Oh, that looks like a lot of fun. We just took a book out of the library on spiders so we may have to try this. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!


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