Saturday, 8 February 2014

Animation for Kids (& Hue Animation Review)

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Animation for kids, encouraging creativity, planning and patience.  Plus it was lots of fun, from Making Boys Men

Bud has been getting interested in animation recently ever since we had a discussion about how some of his favourite cartoons were made.  He was particularly intrigued by how the stop motion ones (think Wallace and Gromit) were made when I told him they filmed them with tiny movements, so I was thrilled when we were given the chance to review the Hue Animation Moshi Movies kit.  

Not only did we end up making our own movie (Hollywood here we come!), but it turned out to be a great opportunity to encourage Bud's creativity, planning and oh yes - patience!!

We received the Hue Animation Moshi Monsters kit for free, but all opinions included in this review are our own.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Shaving Foam Painting (& Outdoor Play Party)

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Shaving foam painting

Welcome back to another Outdoor Play Party!  This week we did a little shaving foam painting in the chilly sunshine.  A little messy, but a fun sensory way to paint.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Worm Hunting (& Outdoor Play Party)

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worm hunting

Welcome back to another Outdoor Play Party!  Slightly later than usual due to pregnancy brain and chickenpox (the boys not me!).  But, we've been outside!

In an attempt to collect some of the leaves covering our garden Dude and I ventured outside the other day, but instead of helping me with the leaves he got way too distracted by a worm!!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Treasure Hunt in the Dark! (& Outdoor Play Party)

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Kids treasure hunt in the dark

Welcome back to another Outdoor Play Party!  If you've been outside with kids this week then why not link up what you've been up to?  Our Winter so far has been very mild, but very wet and it gets dark by about 4.30pm, so its not my ideal outdoor play environment to say the least!  But, today I was determined to get outside rain or shine and enjoy the darker evenings.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Leaf Collection and Collage (& Outdoor Play Party)

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Leaf collecting and collage

Welcome to another Outdoor Play Party!  If you've been outdoors playing with kids then please do link up.  This week we did a bit of leaf collecting in the garden, plenty of leaves to choose from as you can't actually see the grass for leaves at the moment!  But, Little Dude who had been ill early in the week seemed to enjoy the opportunity to be outdoors.
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